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Awesome stuff!!


Good and Evil by YorukoChikokoro

I should start by saying this is my first critique. That being said, I have always been a sucker for the bold impact that black and whi...




Oct 17, 2014
5:50 am
Oct 11, 2014
6:07 pm
Oct 10, 2014
9:47 pm
Oct 10, 2014
8:36 am
Oct 9, 2014
2:58 pm


Let go by hglucky13
Let go
I've not been feeling too well the last week or so. Too much work leads to little to no free time to work on personal projects or even to go out with friends... Though I'm not sure I have many of those anymore. Suffice it to say, I've been feeling very alone and isolated as of late. There are other things happening as a result and I just broke down into tears tonight under the pressure.

I don't generally choose to air such information because I don't like to seem dramatic. This is one of those situations where it's all bearing down on me a little too hard, though. I guess I just need to know there is someone out there that cares or is at least listening. 

Blah, okay, that's probably a bit more honestly than anyone really wanted or needed. I guess that's it.
A Portrait of My Idol in Scratchboard by hglucky13
A Portrait of My Idol in Scratchboard
Second project for illustration. My first time using scratch board and I really like the medium. I chose Ellen Ripley (Alien franchise) as my idol. I thought about trying to do something with the loader from the icon "Get away from her you B****!" scene but decided against it since that has really been played out. So, I found a way to make it a little less obvious. Anyway, We'll be finishing the colored pencil project next week, so I'm excited to share that one with you soon!
You Must Have been a Beautiful Baby in Ink by hglucky13
You Must Have been a Beautiful Baby in Ink
Originally, I wrote up about 600 words consisting of a hodgepodge of random stories from my early childhood. I was always a sensitive, energetic kid that had level of tenacity not seen in all children, and I was trying to tell some of the stories that I thought would capture the essence of that fun loving little girl. However, the truth of the matter is that a better part of my childhood was cast in shadows from the storm cloud that was an emotionally turbulent home life. The abuse that I suffered wasn't as easily identified as the cuts and bruises seen on children who are physically abused, though I endured some of that as well.

From the outside looking in, I had a great life. I grew up middle-class in the suburbs, my mother loved me, and my stepfather worked hard to support the family. I had nice things, lots of friends, and I was a smart and creative child that always excelled in school. But what you can't see from the outside of the family ruled by a sociopath is the tyranny that occurs behind closed doors. My step father put his sense of worth in the things he owned and the appearances he kept to the outside world. Keeping up these appearances as a very young child wasn't difficult because I was impressionable and wanted to please my parents. The trouble began when I started exploring and experimenting with my environment to gain a sense of identity, as all children eventually do.

The first real sign of abuse occurred when I was in early elementary school. My parents were entertaining a couple of friends while I was in the garage doing whatever little kids do when they're bored of listening to grown-ups talk. Somewhere in the garage, I found a can of pink spray paint. It was a muted, dull pink that my mother had used to paint an old dollhouse we had. I always loved drawing and painting, but I'd never used spray paint before. Now, I was old enough to know that it was inappropriate to spray the cars, walls, or animals in the garage with me. So, because I wanted to experiment without upsetting my parents, I decided I would spray the makeshift cat scratching post that was constructed by duct taping an old piece of carpet around the support pole in the middle of the garage.

I guess the adults heard me because they came out into the garage. I barely had time to turn around before I was ripped up in the air by one angle and flogged repeatedly from my lower back down to the back of my knees. Unbeknownst to me, the overspray had misted slightly over onto my stepfather's car. I didn't know this at the time, I just thought I had been attacked for no reason.

This was the beginning of the end of the happy home life I once knew because the older I got, the worse it got. He got wiser in the sense that you can't beat your kids senseless without social backlash, the kryptonite of sociopaths. So he turned to emotional and mental abuse in an effort to control me. I was called stupid and told that wanting to be an artist was a worthless endeavor. "You should go into nursing," he'd say, neglecting the fact that even if I did pursue something in the medical field, my potential was far greater than aspirations of checking blood pressure and changing bedpans.

The issue was that I was my mother's daughter: smart, creative and independent. And he was, well, average, dull and, overall, a non-impactful person. While my mother had abandoned her best traits to be with him, I pushed harder and harder to be my own person with each year. I cared less and less about pleasing other people and keeping up social appearances for the sake of others. The more I searched for who I was, the tighter his grip got and the more my home began to feel like a concentration camp. He simply couldn't handle a woman being her own person without the say of an authoritative male figure.

I often equate my upbringing to trying to raise a great Dane by keeping it in the small kennel that it fit in as a puppy. Sure, the dog can survive, but it's going to be crippled in many ways. About five years ago, I finally stood up for the little girl I was trying to represent in my previous stories. I didn't just abandon my tiny cage, though. I broke it, burned it, and threw it out of my life forever. Today, most of the old wounds are finally healed, and while I carry around a few scars, quirks in my personality and odd phobias, I look at them as some of my more endearing traits and hold no hate in my heart about how I got them.
Markiplier Mug Shot by hglucky13
Markiplier Mug Shot
Hello everybody, my name is... Wait, that's not my intro. I think it's safe to say I have been watching a little too much of Markiplier's Let's Play channel. Blame it on the copious amounts of homework I've had. So, while I spend seemingly endless hours working in the studio, I find a new playlist to avoid absolute silence. Anyway, he's adorkable, so when I finally got fed up of the fact that I have literally done nothing creative that wasn't a homework assignment since the semester started, I decided a little bit of fan art was in order.

I thought about using his real name, but decided against it. Also, I did my best to fact check, but I think Aug 18th was when he hit 3 million subscribers, so that's what the date means. Anyway....

That's all I've got for now. Time to get back to the grind. Hopefully I'll have some of my classwork up for you soon. Until next time!
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The time has come, the Artist said,
To sell a bunch of things:
The prints, commissions, ALL of that
To make my wallet sing!
You know my work is worth a lot,
So help an artist, please?
I must get paid,
Or else I'm on the streets!

A little Disney parody for you this evening. I won't go into a lot of detail except to say that I've finally decided that work isn't just going to fall into my lap, so I'm putting forth my best effort to find the work. So, without further a due, here is the current information I have about my available prints and commissions:


Horsepower Print Life Final

Ready to Hang
from FineArtAmerica

Horsepower Print life final

Commissions are OPEN!!
1. open
2. open
3. open
4. open
5. open

This year, I'm keeping the commissions simple. I am only doing digital artwork and I am sticking with character sketches. This includes OCs, fursonas, and fanart. There are two simple commissions available via my profile. If you would like something more specific, please refer to the list below and contact me with your idea and I will get you an exact quote and time frame.

Commission Demo: OC Sketch for JulissaMartinez1 by hglucky13
B&W Sketches
Portrait: $7.50 (700 :points:)
Bust: $10.00 (1000 :points:)
Full Body: $15.00 (1500 :points:)

Commission Demo for Fur Affinity by hglucky13
Colored Sketches
Portrait: $10.00 (1000 :points:)
Bust: $15.00 (1500 :points:)
Full Body: $20.00 (2000 :points:)

Prices may increase up to $10 maximum depending on complexity of character (i.e. armor, complex anthromorphic, props, simple background, etc.).

Special Requests
If you would like to request a commission not listed above, please send me a note with a brief description and preferred medium (digital or traditional) and I will get back to you with an estimate of the cost.

I require 50% upfront on all commissions (rounded down to the nearest dollar). This is non refundable unless for some reason I am unable to complete your work within the agreed upon time made during the commission agreement. I will send you a small thumbnail of the piece before posting it to my Featured Gallery so you can give feedback on any small things that may need to be altered. Customers are allowed 2 alterations before I call the work complete. Once the thumbnail is to your liking, or simply complete as specified above, I will require the remaining 50% of the commission cost before I will send you the full size file without watermark.

I retain ownership of the artwork and have the right to reproduce it how I see fit. You retain the ownership rights to your character and story line and are allowed to post the work in you gallery as well, I simply ask that you please link back to my profile. I will also link to your DA profile wherever I post the commission.

Failure to complete payment may result in not receiving a full copy of your work without a water mark. Beyond that, I may post it to Deviant Art with my own water mark to obstruct the view of the work or alter it completely to make it useless to you (like adding crossed eyes, or huge, pendulous breasts), or I may not post it at all. This also excludes you from the right to post the work on your page and I am no longer required to link you to the image except to mention your misdeed. It's cruel, I know, but I will not tolerate cheapskates trying to weasel out of a bill.

All that being said, if you have run into some financial trouble, I will work with you on delaying payment or setting up a schedule if necessary. However, I will not release the work to you until it has been paid in full. These financial issues also will not entitle you to a refund of the deposit... Because it's non-refundable... Like I said.

Yikes, that last part sounded a bit harsh. Don't let it discourage you from contacting me, though. I have worked with many people in the past to create work that both parties are happy with. I just put that last little bit in in there to cover my butt in case I find out later that I'm dealing with and unreasonable jerkface. Please contact me if you need any more details, have questions or would like to get a definite quote on something you'd like to have done. Thanks for stopping in and I look forward to hearing from you!


Color Character Sketch
Commission Demo for Fur Affinity by hglucky13
I will need full description of character appearance. Shot width (i.e. Portrait, bust, full body, etc.) will be determined by complexity of the subject. It will be completed within a week and I will allow you to review it once before posting to see if there are any minor details you would like altered.

Artist retains all ownership rights to the artwork and is allowed to post it via DeviantArt or any other social media site for whatever purposes they see fit. You may also post it on your DeviantArt page, but I please ask that you include a link back to my profile.

No adult content.
B&W Digital Character Sketch
Commission Demo: OC Sketch for JulissaMartinez1 by hglucky13
I will need full description of character appearance. Shot width (i.e. Portrait, bust, full body, etc.) will be determined by complexity of the subject. It will be completed within a week and I will allow you to review it once before posting to see if there are any minor details you would like altered.

Artist retains all ownership rights to the artwork and is allowed to post it via DeviantArt or any other social media site for whatever purposes they see fit. You may also post it on your DeviantArt page, but I please ask that you include a link back to my profile.

No adult content.


Lindsay Fox
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I like stuff, I enjoy doing things, and my biggest talent is being vaguely specific.


What would you consider a fair price for a commissioned character skech like this: 

3 deviants said $10
3 deviants said $20
2 deviants said $15
2 deviants said comment
1 deviant said Commission Demo: OC Sketch for JulissaMartinez1 by hglucky13
No deviants said $25
No deviants said $30


hglucky13 has started a donation pool!
44 / 2,396
I thought about setting this up so that I could extend my membership when it expires. However, I think I would like to propose the idea that all points donated here should got to other artists!

If I can reach the goal of 2,396 points the end of Spring semester, I will donate a 1-year premium membership for a deviant chosen at random from my watchers list. Also, the top 3 contributors will receive a free character sketch of their choice! (i.e. fan art, original characters, etc.)

So pull out your coin purse, or point purse, I guess, and chip in for a good cause!

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